International Korean Adoptee Associations



The mission of the IKAA Network is to enrich the global adoption community, promote the sharing of information and resources between adult adoptee associations, strengthen cross-cultural relations, and innovate post-adoption services for the broader international adoptee community.

About Our Member Associations

Common for all the IKAA associations is that they have demonstrated stability, some who have been in existence for nearly 30 years, their organizational structure and membership is comprised overwhelmingly of adult adoptees, they have a long experience working with adoptees, and they organize activities and events for their members on a regular basis. The IKAA network reaches out to thousands of adoptees worldwide.


The IKAA Network reaches out to 15,000+ members of the international adoption community through our 13 Member Associations that are based in (and since):

1986 Sweden
1990 Denmark
1991 The Netherlands
1994 Southern California, USA
1995 France
1996 New York, USA
1996 Washington, USA
2000 Minnesota, USA
2002 Washington DC, USA
2006 Hawai’i, USA
2008 Illinois, USA
2011 Italy
2013 Belgium
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