International Korean Adoptee Associations

3rd Annual IKAA Leadership Development Program (LDP)

In 2014, IKAA began hosting Leadership Development Programs at each IKAA Gathering, as these events provide our community with unique opportunities to bring together the leadership of adoptee–led organizations from around the world. We are happy to announce that the IKAA G16 will host the 3rd Annual Leadership Development Program (LDP).

The objective of the 3rd Annual LDP will be to encourage deeper connections between the various organizations and promote team building which will ultimately strengthen the IKAA Network and our individual organizations. This will be accomplished by offering a series of 3 activities throughout the week leading up to the IKAA Annual Convention on Sunday:

  1. Leadership Networking (Monday)
  2. Leadership Team Building & Developing Communication Skills (Thursday)
  3. Guest Presentations Led by the International Association of Korean Lawyers (IAKL) & Breakout-Group Discussion – “IKAA: The Next 5 Years” (Friday)

The target audience for the Leadership Development Program are adoptees and other Gathering registrants who are leaders in their respective organizations. Participants are strongly encouraged to attend all sessions.

It does not matter if your organization is not a member of IKAA or if you serve a group that’s just starting out, however we ask that if you are not a representative from an IKAA Member Association and would like to participate, please contact us at no later than July 31st.

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