International Korean Adoptee Associations


IKAA was first established in Europe in 2004 and then in the United States later the same year. The impetus for the creation of the IKAA Network came from a desire for unity within the adult Korean adoptee community and to provide a space where ideas, information and resources could be shared.

In response to the highly successful IKAA Gathering 2007, which garnered an attendance of over 700 participants, IKAA decided to become a more formally established organization, and is governed on an entirely volunteer basis by an elected Executive Committee and Board of Directors, which is comprised of representatives from each of the Member Associations.

The IKAA Network was the first of its kind, bringing together adoptee organizations from around the world to work side by side to create an innovative organizational structure that can produce large-scale events and programs. The IKAA Network continues to be the only adoptee network comprised of international representation by entirely volunteer organizations and is the leading global network of adult adoptees in the world.

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