International Korean Adoptee Associations

AK Connection


Official Organization Name: AK Connection

Location / Region Served: Minnesota, USA

Year Founded: 2000

Member of the IKAA Network Since: Founding Member

Mission Statement: The mission of AK Connection is to be a resource for Adult Korean Adoptees in Minnesota by providing information and building a supportive community.

1. Provide this website that displays current information and resources of interest to Adult Korean Adoptees in Minnesota.
2. Host educational, cultural, and social events or activities to foster friendship, networking, and support for the various needs and interests in our community.

Brief History: Since 2000, AK Connection has served as a resource for Adult Korean Adoptees in Minnesota. By providing relevant information and building a supportive community, we are here to serve you! We welcome all of the Adult Korean Adoptee community, plus their friends and family to join us in continuing the tradition of creating a supportive community for all Adult Korean Adoptees. Our hope is that you’ll use this website and our organizations events as reliable resources for connecting with one another.

Regular Activities:
– Korean holidays such as Sollal and Chuseok
– Social gatherings for families
– Educational lectures by researchers of Korean adoption issues by Korean adoptees

Official Website:


Twitter: @AKConnectionMN

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