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Adoption Links, D.C.


Official Organization Name: Adoption Links, D.C.

Location / Region Served: Washington DC, Northern Virginia, and Maryland

Year Founded: 2002

Member of the IKAA Network Since (Year): 2012

Mission Statement: To connect International adult adoptees in Washington D.C., Maryland, Northern Virginia and their respective surrounding areas and to create and maintain professional relationships with other regional and global support groups for International adoptees. Our focus is aimed toward bringing together International adult adoptees in the mid-Atlantic region to share our experiences, with other adoptees and non-adoptees alike, and to provide networking resources and support through social events and cultural activities.

Brief History: Adoption Links, DC was founded in November 8, 2002 as a response to interest in creating a support group and community for adult adoptees in the Greater Washington DC Metropolitan. Originally, Adoption Links started as an offshoot from the first official Gathering in Washington DC. Adoption Links, DC has been an active social group that has had many events consisting of dinners, social outings, panel discussions, and documentary screenings. We have also promoted international adoption groups and enjoyed networking with other cultural, professional, and recreational interest groups throughout the DC metro. Adoption Links, DC is in the process of obtaining a 501(c)(3) status.

Regular Activities: Monthly social gatherings to include dinners and sporting events. Documentary showings. Joint regional events with the Korean Adoptee Association of Philadelphia and Also-Known-As New York. Partnership, co-hosting, or support of various jointly ventured events with local professional, academic, and adoption focus groups.

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