International Korean Adoptee Associations

Racines Coréennes


Official Organization Name: Racines Coréennes

Location / Region Served: France

Year Founded: 1995

Member of IKAA Network Since: Founding Member

Mission Statement: Racines Coréennes has a humanitarian and cultural character. It aims to promote the meeting of adopted Koreans in France, and promoting socio-cultural exchanges between French and mainly Koreans, without excluding other nationalities.

Brief History: Racines Coréennes is a non-profit organization with no political, religious or ideological trend, which was created in February 1995 by a group of young French adopted or interested in Korea, eager to bring together young Korean adoptees to let them share their experiences. The founding members are a group of young people who all share an interest for Korea and for the adoption.

Regular Programs, Activities, and Events:
– Monthly Lunches across France
– Sports Activities
– Special Events: Concerts, Film/Documentary Screenings, Picnics,
– Annual Seollal Event
– Annual Chuseok Event
– Annual General Assembly of Members

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