International Korean Adoptee Associations

Korean Adoptees of Hawai’i


Official Organization Name: Korean Adoptees of Hawai’i

Location / Region Served: Hawai’i

Year Founded: 2006

Member of IKAA Network Since: 2009

Mission Statement: Korean Adoptees of Hawai’i, Inc. (KAHI), is a nonprofit organization founded upon the experiences of adult Korean adoptees, working to build a supportive community in Hawai’i through public outreach, networking, education and sharing resources. KAHI believes in fostering awareness about adoption and identity, recognizing that we, as a community, can extend our reach beyond what we can accomplish individually.

Brief History: KAHI’s inaugural meeting took place in Honolulu in March 2006, with just four members present. By our next meeting in April, our group had doubled in size to eight. Since then, thanks to our members’ hard work and grassroots community-building efforts, KAHI has grown into an ‘ohana of more than 50 locally plus many more globally with ties to Hawai’i, and we aim to expand our reach, programs and membership as our family further establishes itself.

Regular Programs, Activities, and Events:
– Monthly Dinners
– Annual Membership Meeting
– Talk-Story Sessions
– Birth Search Workshop
– Korean Cultural Events, including Temple Visit, Tea Ceremony, and Cooking
– Outdoor Activities, including Hiking & Beach Day
– Film and Discussion
– Chuseok Event
– Lunar New Year
– Korean Festival
– Mentorship Program
– Partnership Events with other Local Korean American and Adoption Organizations
– IKAA Gathering and Film Festival 2008 & 2015 — Host & Organizer

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