International Korean Adoptee Associations

Korean Italian Adoptees


Official Organization Name: Associazione Culturale Koreani Italiani Adottivi

International NameKorean Italian Adoptees (KOR.I.A.)

Location / Region Served: Italy

Year Founded2011

Member of IKAA Network Since: 2013

Mission Statement: KOR.I.A aims to link contacts between Italian adoptees and Korean adoptees all over the world and to create a group of friends to enhance contacts with other adoptee communities worldwide, to create cultural projects in order to spread the Korean art and culture.

Brief History: KOR.I.A. is an entirely volunteer organization with a Board of Directors consisting of 7 Members, and has been growing at a steady rate since becoming a formal organization, and has recently organized and hosted the IKAA Gathering Rome in May 2015.

Regular Programs, Activities, and Events:
– Football / Soccer
– Korean Dinners
– Cooking Lessons
– Korean Language Classes
– Korean Cultural Events – Including an annual Korean Culture Day sponsored by the Korean Consulate in Milano
– Workshops on adoption issues
– Information about visiting and/or living in Korea

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