Adoption Links D.C.


REGION SERVED: Washington DC, Northern Virginia, and Maryland




The mission of Adoption Links, DC (ALDC) is to establish a welcoming and supportive community of international adult adoptees in the Mid-Atlantic region (Baltimore-Washington, DC Metropolitan area, and Northern Virginia) and provide meaningful resources to those who are exploring their narrative as an internationally adopted person. ALDC’s leadership committee consists entirely of international adult adoptees who organize social events and cultural activities with the purpose of educating and empowering international adult adoptees while creating an environment for members to share their experiences and knowledge. ALDC provides a platform for its members to engage in national and international matters related to international adoption, giving them a direct voice and representation. ALDC also maintains enduring relationships with organizations in the global international adoption community who share a similar mission to develop partnership, collaboration, and support on projects that will benefit the collective global community.


Adoption Links, DC was founded on November 8, 2002 as a response to interest in creating a support group and community for adult adoptees in the Greater Washington DC Metropolitan. Originally, Adoption Links started as an offshoot from the first official Gathering in Washington DC. Adoption Links, DC has been an active social group that has had many events consisting of dinners, social outings, panel discussions, and documentary screenings. We have also promoted international adoption groups and enjoyed networking with other cultural, professional, and recreational interest groups throughout the DC metro. Adoption Links, DC is qualified 501(c)3 public charity. All donations are tax deductible.


Adoption Links DC holds events at least once a month! We try to rotate within Maryland, DC, and Virginia. We also have local meet ups in Maryland, DC and Virginia. At this time, our events are virtual until further notice.

Please check out our Upcoming Events page for more information and consider joining us on Facebook for other relevant announcements. For all events, please contact ALDC for exact location information and to be added to our email list: