Asian Adoptees of Canada






The Asian Adoptees of Canada is committed to connecting, supporting, and empowering the Asian adoptee community across the country. Our members are of Chinese, Korean, and Vietnamese descent. We’re located across British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, and Nova Scotia.

Our Goals

  • Facilitate connections to establish a welcoming and supportive community

  • Serve as a forum for the sharing of resources and meaningful insights about adoption and identity

  • Host cultural, educational and social events both online and in-person

  • Foster fellowship, networking and support for the diversity of interests of Asian adoptees in Canada

  • Provide awareness on topical news and activities both nationally and globally

  • Collaborate with like-minded organizations, groups, and associations to further support Asian adoptees and the adoption triad


Asian Adoptees of Canada is a national Canadian registered non-profit organization, established for the purpose of connecting and supporting Canada’s Asian adoptee community. While this current iteration of AAC was officially founded in early 2021, its initial inception was in 2007 as the Asian Adult Adoptees of BC (“Triple ABC”). AAC is proud to be managed by a team of Canadian Asian adoptees.


Exclusive Adoptee Online & In-Person Events
Sign up for one of our hosted Zoom-casts or in-person events featuring adoptees, partner organizations and others from across Canada and around the world. We host a range of events and delve into topics ranging from conducting a birth search, culture & race, as well as strive to feature those within our incredibly talented community, including thought leaders in transracial adoption and the arts.