Research Symposiums

Over the years, IKAA has hosted multidisciplinary Research Symposiums to strengthen the academic network in the field of Korean adoption and related studies. Korea adoption studies is specifically concerned with international adoption from Korea, as well as with overseas adopted Koreans, and has emerged as an area of study both in Korea, the country of origin, and in the Western receiving countries to which Korean children have been sent for adoption. The symposiums have brought together scholars from around the world, including those that work at the multidisciplinary intersections of Asian and Korean studies, postcolonial and cultural studies, and social and behavioral sciences. Their work has also engaged with issues of race and ethnicity, migration and diaspora, gender and family, and globalization and transnationalism. By continuing to bring together a diverse group of scholars from multiple fields, we hope to build on the momentum of the previous Research Symposiums to further academic inquiry and strengthen the network of scholars tackling questions surrounding international adoption.