Co-creating with the Community

As a volunteer based organization, IKAA has traditionally asked for volunteers from the IKAA network organizations. As we embrace a more digitally connected age, we are looking to expand the team more broadly to those who believe in and want to support IKAA’s vision and mission. We are looking for passionate, creative, and collaborative humans to help IKAA better serve the adoptee community.

If you would like to apply to any of the working groups or roles (see below), please fill out the Volunteer Form. Volunteers should expect to commit about 4 hours per week to volunteer activities / duties. Previous experience volunteering in the adoptee community is helpful, but is not required. All new volunteers will be assisted by our Volunteer Coordinator to help you onboard and get started.

IKAA Volunteer Areas

Working Groups
Working groups focused on specific projects will be launched throughout 2024. The initial projects will focus on amplifying insights from the latest research symposiums by sharing valuable adoptee resources through our digital channels. The second project is dedicated to enhancing interpreter support for adoptees.
Community Engagement and Digital Content
We are seeking creative and collaborative individuals to join our organization in the role of a Community Engagement and Digital Content Lead. IKAA collaborates with many organizations and researchers in the community. In this role, you will work with stakeholders to gather, develop, and share content and resources for the adoptee community. This role offers a unique opportunity to make a meaningful impact and learn more about the adoptee community. If you are a creative, driven, and collaborative individual, we encourage you to apply for this role.

Virtual Events

  • Contributing to IKAA’s virtual event planning
  • Developing virtual event promotional content
  • Collaborating with others to host and facilitate virtual events for the community
Social Media
Managing Facebook and IG accounts
Newsletter Editor
  • Digital newsletter design
  • Collaborating with others to gather and edit newsletter¬†content
  • Reviewing newsletter content and grammar¬†
  • Donor outreach
  • Grant research and writing
Website Admin
  • Ensuring the website is up-to-date
  • Integrating new designs and content