Co-creating with the Community

IKAA is a volunteer based organization. Traditionally, our volunteers have been from IKAA network organizations. As the community becomes more digitally connected, we are looking to expand the team more broadly to those who believe in and want to support IKAA’s vision and mission.

1) In preparation for the next IKAA Korea Gathering planned for 2023, we are looking for team members who are passionate about community building and want to join the volunteer team! You should expect to commit ~12 hours per month. Previous experience volunteering in the adoptee community is preferred, but not required. If you’re interested, please fill out the volunteer form

If you haven’t participated in any previous IKAA Gathering but would like to learn more, please check out our homepage

2) We want to hear from adoptees living in Korea. For the next Korea Gathering, IKAA is looking to collaborate with more Korean adoptees who have been living in Korea. We are aiming to form a community group to share ideas on how the Korea Gathering can be more inclusive to adoptees in Korea and meaningful for attendees. If you are interested in joining this community group, please fill out this form.