To connect, support, and advocate for the global Korean adoptee community.



IKAA connects adoptees and their families by hosting regular gatherings, supports an international leadership network with the tools and resources to build their local capacity, and advocates for the well-being of the global adoptee community through key policy positions and partnerships.

Our Values

Adoptee Leadership

We believe in the power of a global community of adoptees, led by adoptees, for adoptees

Space to Nurture Growth

Adoptees need safe spaces to be rooted in our stories and shared experiences, and grow in community with one other

Global Connectedness

Being connected through a global network equips us to better respond to emerging needs of local adoptee communities

Shaping Public Narratives

Adoptees should have an active role in shaping the public discourse around adoption to be more reflective of our shared history and lived experiences

Advocating for Each Other

It is our responsibility to advocate for the safety and well-being of our community