Our History

IKAA was first established in Europe in 2004 and then in the United States later the same year. The impetus for the creation of the IKAA Network came from a desire for unity within the adult Korean adoptee community and to provide a space where ideas, information and resources could be shared.

2022 AKF 35th Anniversary and IKAA Leadership Meeting

2021 Also-Known-As, Inc. 25th Anniversary

2019 Research Symposium

2019 KAD e.V. (Germany) & KAIAN (Australia) join IKAA network

2019 IKAA Seoul Gathering

2018 Chicago Gathering & IKAA Annual Convention

2017 San Francisco 20th Anniversary & IKAA Annual Convention

2016 AKF 30th Anniversary

2016 Also-Known-As, Inc. 20th Anniversary

2016 Research Symposium

2016 IKAA Seoul Gathering

2015 Italy Gathering (KOR.I.A)

2015 Hawaii Gathering & Film Festival (KAHI)

2014 Arierang Autumn Festival & IKAA Annual Convention

2013 IKAA Seoul Gathering

2012 Paris Gathering

2011 AK Connection 10th Anniversary

2011 AAAW 15th Anniversary Gathering

2011 Also-Known-As, Inc. 15th Anniversary

2011 Arierang 20th Anniversary

2011 AKF 25th Anniversary & IKAA Annual Convention

2010 Korea Klubben 20th Anniversary

2010 IKAA Seoul Gathering

2009 Racines Coréennes Lunar New Year Celebration

2009 Amsterdam Gathering (Arierang)

2009 New York City Gathering (AKA)

2008 Honolulu Gathering & Film Festival (KAHI)

2008 Las Vegas Gathering (AAAW)

2007 IKAA Seoul Gathering

2006 Chicago Gathering (AK Connection)

2006 Racines Coréennes Morning Calm Festival

2006 Also-Known-As, Inc. 10th Anniversary

2006 Seattle Gathering (AAAW)

2006 AKF 20th Anniversary

2006 Arierang 15th Anniversary

2005 New York City Gathering (AKA)

2005 Korea Klubben 15th Anniversary

2004 Korean Adoptee Gathering (Seoul, Korea)

2004 IKAA Formally Established in Europe

2001 2nd International Gathering of Adult Korean Adoptees (Oslo, Norway)

1999 1st Gathering of Adult Korean Adoptees (Washington DC, US)