IKAA International Gatherings

IKAA Network Organizations host large-scale International Gathering. These events create the space for adoptees to come together from across the globe. International Gatherings commonly welcome 150+ attendees and are held at least once per year. On a recurring basis (~every 3 years), the International Gathering is held in Seoul, Korea, attracting up to 700+ attendees. IKAA International Gathering are a one-of-a-kind experience. #MyIKAAExperience captures some of these unique perspectives.

The next Korea Gathering is being planned for July 10 to 16th 2023. See our 2023 Korea Gathering page for more details. If you’re interested in volunteering with the planning committee, please fill out this form.

My IKAA Experience

Articles and Blogs

Returning to Korea as an adoptee changed the way I think about home

By Tori Smith
Quartz | April 2020
2019 IKAA Gathering

IKAA: A global family reunion
Gathering tells Korean adoptee stories through many cultures and languages

By Lee Middleton, Melissa Brown and Michelle Piper
Korean Quarterly | Fall 2019
2019 IKAA Gathering