International Korean Adoptee Associations



Official Organization Name: Adopterade Koreaners Förening (AKF)

International Name: Adopted Koreans’ Association

Location / Region Served: Based in Stockholm with national coverage, regional branches in Skåne and Gothenburg.

Year Founded: 1986

Member of IKAA Network Since: Founding Member

Mission Statement: The purpose of AKF is to create a meeting place for adopted Koreans and enable exchange of experiences and insights into the unique fact of being adopted from Korea. AKF strives to promote interest in Korea and Korean culture, while supporting international co-operation between adopted Koreans. The association has also established a child fund for orphans in Korea.

Brief History: The Adopted Koreans’ Association in Sweden (AKF – Adopterade Koreaners Förening) was founded in Stockholm on the 19th November 1986 as the first association of its kind in the world. In the beginning AKF was more of a social club but as the organization and its members matured, issues such as identity and cultural heritage have come into focus. Today AKF is organizing around 200 Korean adoptees across Sweden and has a strong relationship to the Korean residents in Sweden.

Regular Programs, Activities, and Events:
– Conferences on adoption and Korea related issues
– Funding of projects that benefit the adoptee community
– Summer schools for adoptees
– Cultural events
– Workshops on adoptee perspectives
– Social events, celebration of Chuseok, Seollal and Swedish holidays

– Quarterly members’ magazine called Um & Yang

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