IKAA Korea Gathering FAQ

Information about traveling in Korea and more will be added in 2023

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Who is the IKAA Korea Gathering open to?

The IKAA Korea Gathering is open to all adoptees ages 18+, their spouses/partners, and family. The programming is primarily targeted to adult Korean adoptees. Like previous years, we will be offering some family oriented programming as well. There may also be attendee limitations to certain events. For example, the nightly socials will be limited to adults. Some of the workshop sessions may be limited to adoptees only.

Do I need to attend all the programming?

No, and we don’t expect you to! We understand that the community is diverse and that attendees will have varying interests. The Korea Gathering was created in the spirit of “choose your own adventure.” It can be a very exciting and emotional time, so we recommend taking the time you need to relax and practice self-care during the weeklong event.

What if I am new to the community and don't know anyone else going?

The event was designed with newcomers in mind! We will have intentional programming for newcomers that includes virtual sessions to help connect attendees prior to Korea and a newcomers only welcome event which was launched in 2019. We’ll also be providing guidance on how to navigate Seoul and recommendations on things to see and experience.


What is the cancellation policy?

Full refunds (minus any processing fees) will be available on request until the end of March 2023. Refunds are not guaranteed afterwards.

Are there student discounts?

Unfortunately we will not be able to provide student discounts.

If I volunteer, can I receive a discount on registration?

Unfortunately, due to the fact that IKAA is run by an all-volunteer board, it is not possible to receive discounts for volunteering. The registration fees go towards activities, food, meeting space, and other costs for the Gathering.

What if I am an adoptee living in Korea?

We are collaborating with more adoptees living in Korea for the 2023 event. We will be offering special discount for adoptees who are living long term in Korea. Please reach out to info@ikaa.org for more information.


Where should I stay for this event?

We recommend that attendees stay near COEX for convenience. One major advantage of this location is the number of accommodation options in the area. There are a number of hotels which are walking distance to COEX. Additionally, past participants have stayed at Airbnbs and Guesthouses during previous Korea Gatherings. See the full map and list/links of nearby hotels here. They range in size, amenities, and price point. Overall, participants have many options for accommodation and can stay in close proximity to other attendees.