Adopterade Koreaners Förening (AKF) Sweden

REGION SERVED: Stockholm and Gothenburg

IKAA MEMBER SINCE: Founding Member


AKF is a politically and religiously independent association for adoptees from Korea. The purpose of AKF is to create a meeting place and enable the exchange of experiences and insights about the unique fact of being adopted from Korea. AKF strives to meet the interests of Korea and Korean culture, while supporting international cooperation between adopted Koreans.


AKF – Adopted Korean Association, was founded in Stockholm on November 19 in 1986 as the first association of its kind in the world. Initially AKF organized social and cultural activities linked to Korean culture and adoption issues. These themes have lived on and been an important component of the association’s agenda. Today, AKF organizes about 300 Korean adoptees throughout Sweden and has a strong relationship with Korean culture through the Korean Embassy in Sweden and to the Koreans living in Sweden. As our members become more accustomed to travelling and studying in Korea, our motherland is kept more and more physically close.


We are very happy that the digital world has taught us to reach out to almost all members of our long country. During 2020 and 2021, we have run almost all our activities at Zoom (21/31 Activities in 2020).

  • Workshops and seminars with adopted and Korean perspectives
  • Social events such as Korean film club, sports activities, quizzes, literature seminars, Swedish coffee, after work, etc
  • Family events for adoptees with their families
  • Korean cooking sessions
  • Adoption Conferences and Korea- related issues
  • The celebration of Korean holidays such as Chuseok and Seollal
  • Celebration of Swedish holidays such as National Day and Christmas
  • Participation in the annual Korean Culture Festival
  • Cooperation and joint activities with the South Korean Embassy in the Kingdom of Sweden
  • Cooperation with MFoF (the authority for family law and parental support)
  • Communication via e-mail and social media