The OKA (Overseas Koreans Agency), formerly known as OKF, is a Korean government organization that is organizing a Gathering in Seoul for adoptees from December 10 to December 14, 2023.

Priority for this trip is reserved for adoptees who have never participated in a similar trip or who have never returned to Korea before.

This trip allows Korean adoptees to reconnect with their origins through conferences, cultural workshops, performances, and city tours.

The OKA will cover expenses during the 5 days (meals and accommodation in a double room) and reimburse airfare expense to participants within the upper limit of OKA standards. Each participant is responsible for booking their own flight. If you desire a single room, it will be covered up to 50%.

You can bring a companion: a child, spouse, or adoptive parent.

To register, please fill out the application form in English and send it via email and complete the Google form (link in application form) before October 16. The selection of participants will be announced in mid-November by the Embassy of the Republic of Korea after reviewing the applications.

French language information:

Application Form:

If you have any questions, please contact Mr. KIM Sung-jun, Deputy Director at OKA
Email: /